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“We are the Universe – ain’t it inside ?”

My name is Olympe El Shoura. I am a self-taught French Artist, living near Paris. I started painting age 12 but life had other priorities for me and I had to put this passion on hold. On summer 2016, for the first time in a while, I had time on my own and decided to start painting again. It all started with creating my own space, because everything was going too fast out there. Therefore, I needed to step out of it for a while in order to recreate a new world. Mine I guess.




papa from stars and I
“Papa from Stars” (photo : Mai 2019)

Intuition. Faith. Desire to create : I do not plan anything. I can spend hours and hours isolated and at the same time, I feel no longer trapped in time. It is like always being hungry and eager for something higher than ourselves.

As Human Beings, we need to understand what our role in this world is, something mixed up with chance and absurdity to which we can add our infinite need to understand and control everything. Our existence on this planet is an eternal fight and mostly within ourselves.

I hope my works will inspire people and maybe awaken the divine in themselves so as to make them feel as unique as our galaxy’s own existence…among other worlds…

September 2017

I am currently developing two series. The first one ” The Cosmos Connection” is inspired by the Universe in which we are evolving without really being conscious of it.

The Cosmos Connection - Replicat and same Scheme
“We are part of the same Scheme”                                                                            ” Replicat”

Every artwork in this series is unique and certainly comes from outer-space: the one I am able to reach while painting; the one that is inside of us all.  

The second series is entitled : ” The Soul interactions ” and it deals with characters interacting with each others in different ways.



The Soul Interactions - the four ladies
The four characters from “the Soul Interaction” series

They are not human, they sometimes have that  androgynous look. More than simple characters, they also urge for an echo in one’s heart and mind.

The echo I am talking about can only be understood by the one who feels it and can’t be told nor explained. The symbols and the shapes have a deep meaning for me I do not always understand but as the process of creation is pure, personal and complicated at the same time, I believe that once an artwork is born, it is also“given” so that other human beings could capture it too.

Both reflexions are motivated by a need for true expression.

This truth, as I present it, is very personal and only belongs to me.

NEW YEAR 2019 - atelier
The Soul Interaction series ( photo : Décembre 2018)

Olympe El Shoura


©photos : Olympe El Shoura

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